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Sobriety, s.r.o.
Náměstí 1. května 63, 664 34 Kuřim, Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 541 231 696, Fax: +420 541 263 295
www.sobriety.cz , info@sobriety.cz


Sobriety s.r.o. has been serving the industry since 2002 and it has achieved a remarkably successful track record. So far, the company has realized hundreds of projects representing hundreds of thousands hours of human work. The main activities of the company are product development and engineering consulting covering a broad technical field and also in the SW / HW development.

At Sobriety s.r.o., contracts are solved by a large team of internal experts in different fields of technical science and production. Through our services and activities we support product development during its whole life-cycle. The company is a member of Czech Space Alliance and Czech Association of Microturbines and handle several development projects focused on:

  • Underhood thermal management
  • Air intake systems including dust and water management,
  • Turbine and compressor aerodynamics development,
  • Heat exchanger with heat pipe technology development including regulation valves,
  • Air bearing and air sealing development and production,
  • Analog electronics and digital embedded control systems development and production,
  • Engineering and measurement / analysis software development,
  • Special measurement devices development,
  • Optical measurement systems development.

Besides the optical measurement system Mercury RT® ( www.mercuryprogram.eu ), the company's main products are:

  • Special aerodynamic bearing and sealing for the speed ranges from 100 up to 750 ,000 rpm,
  • Bearing and rotor dynamics design software DYNROT( www.dynrot.eu ),
  • Potential drop technique material measurement systems ACPD / DCPD / corrected DCPD ( www.poteron.eu ),
  • Aerodynamics SW development tools AEROFLOW ( www.aeroflow.cz ).